The Warrior Project provides leadership and tasks necessary to help launch and run a successful business enterprise through a workshop covering several critical subjects, including:

  • Writing a solid business plan (Your Battle Plan)
  • Improvise, adapt and overcome (Marketing) strategies
  • Creating a Code of Conduct for you and your staff
  • Understanding your AO (Area of Operation)
  • Maintaining an accounting system (Tracking the Bombs and Bullets)
  • Avoiding ambushes/SNAFUs/FUBARs

We provide the initial intel to build and execute your mission plan.

The Warrior Project actively seeks military vets already running successful businesses to step into the mentor phase, sharing problems overcome and successes enjoyed with new vetrepreneurs. We also seek banks and financial organizations willing to review and critique business plans, possibly providing funding sources for these missions.

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    • Off Grid Survival Pro
      We already have a small business, but gained a great deal of information to grow our business - the rights and wrongs and many resources to go to.
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      V. Thomas, US Army
    • Off Grid Survival Pro
      This program will benefit both veterans looking to start a business or have a business that needs a boost.
      Off Grid Survival Pro
      W. Thomas, US Army