The Warrior Project, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, all donations are tax-deductible for the giver. Donations can be made online and receipts for your tax records will be furnished.

Your generous, tax deductible donation to The Warrior Project (WP) will help them complete the mission of launching a solid veteran-owned business. You will help bring pride and a sense of commitment to a new mission back to our nation’s honored warriors.

  • Sandboxx
    Improvise, adapt and overcome - a staple Marine Corps phrase often heard thundering from young Marine Corps leaders, and a MUST in entrepreneurship. Founded 2014 in Arlington, VA, 8 employees
    - Sam Meek, USMC
  • Plated Inc.
    There is no better training for the long, hard, emotionally draining early days of getting your business up and off the ground. Founded in 2012, NYC, 700+ employees
    Plated Inc.
    - Nick Taranto, USMC